It is astonishing to see the Board of Cricket Control in India, shortly known as BCCI to continue that stubborn policy on Cricketing relations with Pakistan. At times, BCCI seems behaving like BJP’s sporting wing and remains as a valid ingredient in India’s political cauldron. This outrageous strategy to oppose Pakistan at every forum continues without etiquette.

The recent incident where BCCI displeasure showed up again by defying the decision to let Pakistan host the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) event has to be a politically influenced move. Pakistan was given the hosting rights for the Asian Emerging Nations Cup at an ACC meeting in Lahore which is to be held in April 2018. With India not ready to send its team to Pakistan, it will be interesting to see how ACC handles this issue and how ICC’s authority will affect the deadlock.

Cricket pundits believe that India is trying to sabotage Cricket and it’s revival in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, BCCI wants to dominate affairs in Cricket where motive stands clear, to isolate Pakistan. BCCI never seems to reconcile with PCB on various prevailing issues, instead it puts all the blame on government and challenges any decision that brings glad tidings for Pakistan’s cricket. On the contrary, PCB has expressed it’s ever willingness to play with India with open heart.