Thora sa Haq is the most watched drama on our TV screens and Guess what our favourite star Shan baig done his amazing acting in this serial and we finally got in touch with him and Shan baig shared some interesting things about this play.

 Thora sa haq went viral and everyone is talking about , what do you think about it ?

SB : I’m glad that all the hard work of the entire cast and crew is paying off. Mainly the credit goes to the director Ahmed bhatti who has been a great support for the entire team in making such a hit project.

 Any thing would you like to share about the drama which no one knows about it yet ?

SB: not that I can share much but there are a few plot twists which are un expected and I assure the viewers that their love for the drama will increase by each episode.

How was your overall experience working with such big cast?

SB : I had an overwhelming experience working with the entire cast of Thora sa Haq, everyone was nice enough to guide me where I needed guidance and share their experiences with me. Imran, ayeza Saba aapa, have been extremely supportive and kind to me throughout the project. It was overall an amazing experience and I have learned a lot from these great actors.