Shehr-e-Malal is a story of love and revenge starring Maria Wasti, ShahoodAlvi, HajraYamin, Ali Abbas, RabyaKulsoom, SrhaAsgar, and others. Featuring in a negative role, RabyaKulsoom stars as Maria, a headstrong girl who dreams of marrying her wealthy cousin so she can achieve the status, money, and power that she craves. The drama is produced by Zeeshan Khan (TNIPProductions), directed by Furqan Adam, and written by Sadia Akhter.

“This has been an entirely new and different experience for me, and I can’t wait for everyone to watch Shehr-e-Malal. Playing a negative character with so many layers was really interesting, and I really enjoyed performing this role.” RabyaKulsoom

Shehr-e-Malal is all set to go on air from the 13th of February on Express Entertainment.