The School of Writing has been working in the literacy and arts space since its inception, and has actively engaged with communities in various areas of Karachi. They have worked in Baldia Town, Pehlwan Goth, Ibrahim Hydari, Mauripur, Lyari, Sakhi Hasan, Paposh Nagar, Hijrat Colony, Orangi Town, Machhar Colony, Gulzar-e-Hijri etc. through various programs – Travelogues, Yeh Hai Karachi, Look at the City from Here, Arts without Boundaries etc.

The idea behind such interventions has been to create informed, engaged, and empowered youth with media and communications literacy skills that will not only enhance their understanding of civic issues around them but also empower them with 21st century skills to survive in the ever-competing global arena.

The following are central themes of the conference:

1.  Inclusive Communities – Leaving No One Behind

  1. Climate Change – Communities in Action
  2. Peaceful Societies – Recovering from Conflict and Nurturing Peace
  3. Youth-led Session – Creating Opportunities and Economic Success for Youth
  4. Infrastructure and Natural Resource Use
  5. Emerging Technologies and Innovation

The conference aims to put innovators, thinkers, peace makers, activists, environmentalists, and socio-preneurs from all around the world in a hall to hold dialogues around the SDG’s, engage in multicultural activities, and brainstorm on and synergize towards building a better world.