1. Dil Mom ka Diya

Premiering on ARY, this drama took the country by storm owing to its sensational storyline and ensemble cast. Ulfat, a name that I will forever remember thanks to Neelum Munir, essayed the role of an extremely selfish woman who left no stone unturned in harming and hurting everyone close to her. And in doing so she proves her acting prowess once again.

2. Balaa

Another superhit production of ARY, Balaa was a powerful drama that revolved around the titular character of Nigar played by Ushna Shah. She essays the role of a spoiled self-centered woman who suffers from a minor disability but despite that goes to all ends to control everyone she has an association with. Director Badar Mahmmod definitely did great justice with this drama.

3. Aangan

Starring Mansha Pasha, Noor ul Hassan and Iffat Omer in lead roles, Aangan became a household name because of the amazing content it offered its audience. The story revolved around a big fat Punjabi family who would always be sticking together be it hell or high water. Even if there would be a conflict among them the family would only come out stronger.

4. Nibaah

Another ARY production, Nibaah did not only have an intriguing storyline but also featured acting prowess Aamina Sheikh after quite some time. The drama revolves around the concept of motherhood and shows how a woman can be at peace when she starts dissing society’s grueling norms. Asif Raza Mir who also plays a prominent role also impresses throughout the drama.

5. Aakhri Station

A collaboration of Sarmad Khoosat and Kashf Foundation, Aakhri Station was a seven-part mini-series that narrated stories of different women who go through immense hardship owing to the society or their respective spouses and learn how to cope with them and live independently on their own. A must watch for all the women out there!