Let’s be honest here; being the entertainment buffs that we are, we have always eagerly looked forward to Aamir Khan’s movies as they always so phenomenal and amazing. And now that the renowned star has again announced his latest endeavor, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

However, this time around, his movie will be gracing the small screens instead of cinemas. The movie is titled Robahu Roshni and it is releasing on January 26th, 2019.

The A lister took to Twitter and in a video spoke about his movie in detail. He shared that his new project is a surprise for his fans and not an extension to his social issue reality show Satyameva Jayate.

“On Republic Day, what are you doing? I mean, after the flag hoisting, because I have a plan for you. I would like to present a very special thing in front of you. No, it is not a new episode of Satyamev Jayate, but if it touches the heart only then it will make sense, so let us meet on January 26.”

The film which is a collaboration between Aamir Khan and wife Karan Rao is going to premiere on Star Plus and we can’t help wondering if it’s because of Netflix and Amazon that led Aamir to promote his film differently than before.

If you recall, Aamir Khan’s superhit film Rand De Basanti had a track titled Roobaroo and according to reports the film has taken its name from that song only.

Is Aamir going to perform in it? We have no clue. The film is directed by Svati Chakravarty.