Axact Aamir liaqat

Dr Amir Liaquat, his wife and more than 1,100 other Pakistanis had paid to Axact-run universities for buying degrees, a multi-million dollars scam that has returned to headlines after the BBC’s investigation found that more than 3,000 British citizens had also purchased fake degrees.

1100 Pakistanis Who Bought Fake Degrees from Axact Pakistani IT Company


The FIA has not received any order from the court as yet. A source privy to progress said that an FIA official went to the court on Saturday to seek the copy of the order which wasn’t available.

Dr. Aamir Liaquat is one of those Pakistanis who had applied for fake degrees online. The controversial anchor was a student at Ashwood University. FIA revealed that he had applied for the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in History against student identity AU-2006-12-92888.

Aamir paid the registration fee on June 18, 2006, according to the records.

Surprisingly, his wife had also applied for an online degree for Bachelor’s degree in Medicine & Surgery and Master’s in Business Administration.

Although, the Axact scandal has made global headlines with victims of fraud emerging from different parts of the world, the investigation in Pakistan has not only been compromised, several of its online universities are still operational.

Axact Other Cases

Over 800 of more than 1,100 Pakistanis — who bought degrees from Axact-run universities — were in other countries when they acquired the fake degrees.

There are hundreds of examples of other Pakistanis who got fake degrees from Axact-led universities. Do you know anyone who got an online degree from Axact? Let us know in the comments section.

Source : The News