A video has recently surfaced online showing Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s (PTI) leader AamirLiaquatwith ripped clothes and looking very disconcerted in a police station. He says that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) members who were completely drunk did not only torture him but also swore at him. The newly inducted PTI leader went on to say that PPP which claims to provide ‘roti, kapraaurmakaan’ to the masses are involved in such heinous acts.


It turns out that PPP’s and PTI’s workers got into a clash with each other on Monday night and had a big fight at the Hakeem Saeed ground. According to reports, the clash occurred because both the parties wanted to organize rallies at the same venue i.e. Hakeem Saeed ground and that too on the same day, May 12.

The situation worsened with arguments from both the parties and activists got physical. As a result, a number of workers of both the parties got severely injured and several vehicles too were set on fire.

After this chaotic episode, leaders of both the parties headed out to Aziz Bhatti Police Station and lodged FIR against each other’s leadership. This is when AamirLiaquat was seen speaking about being manhandled by PPP workers.

We at Celeb Dhaba tried to get in touch with both Liquat and PPP spokesmen to hear their side of the story but neither of two could be reached. However, as soon as we get a version from the either, we will make sure to update our readers.