“Kali Santro” is sung in Punjabi, imbibing multiple influences such as Johnny Cash and Noor Jehan resulting in a sound not attempted before in Pakistan. A Punjabi Country song which is reminisce of the fifties era. The raw vocals of Abdullah Qureshi are complimented by Nimra Mehra who reenacts the sound of the fifties with panache. The single is composed and written by Abdullah Qureshi with Melvin Arthur on the banjo and fret less bass and produced by Hassan Omer.

The video of “Kali Santro” is a reflective of the song’s reverie state, blending comedy and drama in a dream. Abdulah Qureshi plays the male lead as a Punjabi Driver and Mahila Chaudhary as the female lead who plays the “Melody Queen” and lip syncs Nimra Mehra’s vocals. Set in a local dhaba (café), the concert like video blends the old with the new, East with West and the fusion result in vivid colors in a tavern like setting with the banjo playing in the background. Known for his unconventional conceptualization, the video is directed by Usman Mukhtar who also directed Abdullah Qureshi’s first video “Dastan”.

On release of his latest single Abdullah Qureshi said “My songs are me, a reflection of who I am, where I come from and my experiences in life. “Kali Santro” is a big part of that experience of growing up, becoming an adult and the memories and experiences that come with it. My character in the video is something that I’ve never tried before, so it was kind of difficult for me at first but then eventually I got used to it and started enjoying being a desi Punjabi Driver.”