Director Abu Aleeha will be directing upcoming film titled as ‘Lockdown’ the director revealed, the film will be based on a love story which is set during these times of Lockdown, the script of the film has been penned by Abida Ahmed and will be produced by Tariq Habib Rind, he has also produced the film Lafangey which has been delayed due to Covid 19.

Speaking to us director Abu Aleeha said “The film will be a pure love story which is set in the times of lockdown, we will be going towards shooting in this month of Ramadan under strict conditions following all SOP’s given by the government.”

Producer Tariq Habib revealed the film will be releasing on Netflix , he stated “Yes a project we are trying to buildup for netflix an emotional drama film script has recently been finalized and casting underway.”

The makers have not revealed the cast uptil yet so yes that is one big surprise for us, Abu Aleeha and Tariq Habib the amazing duo will surely be giving us a film to watch during these lockdown times.