Aditi Singh To Perform Dance Number In Film ‘Cha Jaa Re’

Aditi Singh the Bollywood actor who made her Lollywood debut with Javed Sheikh’s film Wajood, however the film did not do so good at the box office but because of her good looks and great acting skills she managed to earn herself a spot in an upcoming dance number for the film ‘Cha Jaa Re’ Aditi Singh also visited Pakistan to promote her film she appeared in shows and got a good number of fan following in Pakistan.

We asked Aditi Singh about her upcoming dance number and this is what the actor told us :

“The song has been choreographed by Wahab Shah, when you listen to the song you’ll surely like it, the music has the groove on which you star tapping your feet, whereas the styling has been done  by Honey Haroon and it has been directed by Jibran bashir.”


She further added on “ We gave this song a different look, something really different like no one would have ever witnessed that, this song is a part of the upcoming sports film ‘Cha Jaa re’ which also stars Nadeem Baig in it, the film is basically based on sportsman spirit and how it can be used and the director thought that there should be song in the midst of the script and he used this song in between the film from the villain’s perspective, the makers have used a very classy set and the song portrays something really royal so yeah it looks great.”

Aditi is against the word Item and she spoke on this issue “ This is not an item number, the word looks really cheap and it is used to harass girls, so I would go on by calling it a dance number.” A wise opinion stated by the actress.