As we all know Coronavirus has grasped the world, thousands of people are dying everyday and the earth has officially been closed. With the rising number of coronavirus everyday Pakistan has also imposed a lockdown. During this lockdown people are practicing social distancing. Director Aehsun Talish has written us a poem for the coronavirus pandemic which will surely boost our morale’s and motivate us to fight the deadly disease.

Aehsun Talish has made himself renowned in the Pakistan drama industry by directing a number of hit drama serials including ‘Boond Boond’ ‘Suno Chanda’ Suno Chanda 2’. He had also received the award for the best director at the 18th Lux Style Awards.

The poem reads out “As you know in this fast paced so called metropolis where speed was important than heed where hipe was greater than life where orals were heavier than morals where might was heavier than the right where lowers were lower than the low where wow sounded bigger than a vow where man was important than a life where Rome was more sacred than a hive… as we r in midst of this clink where even a sparrow doesn’t come to sing… cuckoos are far gone and  upon their opus they chime silently as if laughing quietly on the scared drum beat of our hearts… realise realise realise money cannot buy patience, goodness, calmness, peace, serenity, tranquility, wholeness but space  not time dress not style story not the teller goods not the seller… food for thought is finished now and we need to cook again, again with worldly gain not grain… meat of love, the veggie of trust with the spice of hunger…. hunger for truth for benevolence for devotion adoration and affection…

let’s do it now.” Aehsun Talish

Indeed this piece of beautiful poetry has won our hearts and it will surely motivate people to fight this coronavirus outbreak.