Affan Waheed and Yumna Zaidi will be seen in the upcoming Eid Telefilm. We haven’t got much details from the team however after some recent reports we can surely say that this telefilm will be a must watch. The Telefilm will be starring Yumna Zaidi, Saman Ansari, Nauman Masood and Affan Waheed. The Mohsin Talat directorial will be coming out on Eid-Ul-Fitr only on TV One. This news was confirmed after a post made by the producer Ahmad Baig.

Affan Waheed had revealed some details of the drama he told us “My character, he is a happy-go-lucky guy, a little arrogant and full of himself, raised by a single mother. Yumna on the other hand is raised by a single father. Our parents are interested in getting us married but we are at daggers drawn with each other..So we end up collaborating on how to get the marriage emergency out of our way by hoodwinking our parents into believing that we like each other and eventually wriggling out of it. But there’s a catch in the end of the film which the audience has to watch to find out for themselves.”

He further added on “I signed this telefilm because it’s a light heart comedy telefilm and it fun starring alongside Yumna Zaidi.”

Make sure you guys don’t miss this exclusive telefilm starring Affan Waheed and Yumna Zaidi.