Our embarrassing defeat against Afghanistan in Under-19 Cricket Asia Cup Final last Sunday in Kuala Lumpur has set alarm bells for Pakistan. They thrashed us like all time greats.

It’s commendable to see Afghan youth so confidently accommodating into the game of gentlemen. They’re not only learning the ethics and basics of the sport but also mastering a spirit to fight and win.

We are home to estimated 1.3 million Afghan refugees. Pakistan has always been pestered by the unwelcomed neighbors who started to pour in from across the border since early 80s. They are not a Cricketing nation at all, no history or legacy. We’ve had never imagined that one day they’ll compete with us on international stage and ultimately beat us in such a manner. This defeat may be indigestible to many but the question is, are we humble enough to learn something from it?

Earlier I thought Aamir Khan’s “Lagaan” movie was too fictitious and exaggeratedly plotted. This particular Afghani feat has made it believable that the power of determination can bring down any type of opposition to its feet. Along with the fact that anything can happen in Cricket, there’s no room for complacency. Defeat by 185 runs and bundled for just 63 runs within 23 overs while chasing 248 against Afghanistan is a deplorable performance by all means and must be taken as a serious sign and drawback for Pakistan’s Cricketing future.