Among speculations about Shahid Khan Afridi’s next enrollment in PSL 2019 as Karachi Kings released him for the upcoming edition on Tuesday, the flamboyant all-rounder stirs a new controversy with his latest statement.

Addressing students at the British Parliament on Wednesday, Boom Boom Afridi said, “Kashmir is not an issue but the world has turned it into a dispute. Pakistan does not want Kashmir. Don’t give it to India either. Let Kashmir become a self-reliant and separate state. At least humanity should stay alive. People are dying and at least this bloodshed should stop. Pakistan is unable to take care of these four provinces. Humanity is a big thing. People are being killed and it hurts regardless of their religion, it’s always painful” an excerpt from Shahid Afridi’s speech.

These words, though not well thought out, gave the already frenzied Indian media a good ground to play its dirty game of yellow journalism. Now they get a perfect chance to spend some prime time for accusing and trolling Afridi as an ISI agent. The statement couldn’t also get a welcoming response either from our side of the border. Pakistani media responded critically too. It looks as if the firebrand cricketer has played again an irresponsible shot, but this time off the pitch.

Realizing the graveness of the media reports, Afridi came out on social media for some damage control. “My comments are being misconstrued by Indian media! I’m passionate about my country and greatly value the struggles of Kashmiris. Humanity must prevail and they should get their rights,” Afridi said in a tweet. “My clip is incomplete & out of context as what I said before that is missing. Kashmir is unresolved dispute & under brutal Indian occupation. It must be resolved as per UN resolution. Myself along with every Pakistani support Kashmiri freedom struggle. Kashmir belongs to Pakistan,” he added.

This is not for the first time it happened. Earlier in April this year, Afridi’s Kashmir comments created uproar in India where he condemned killings in Occupied Kashmir by Indian forces and demanded the United Nations to take notice of the situation there.

(Video Courtesy: 24 Channel)