Agha Ali to romance Sarah Khan in ‘Band Khirkiyan’

The real life couple, Agha Ali and Sarah Khan, are back together as passionate lovers in Moomal Productions upcoming drama serial, Band Khirkiyan on Hum TV.

Drama is directed by Asad Jabal.

The lead actress, Sarah Khan, while talking about the story said that ‘Saragha’ fans would be delighted to see them together once again on small screen.

“It’s story about a young couple, Zain and Sabohai. They are cousins, childhood best friends and are in deeply love with each other. The only twist in their love story is Zain’s extreme possessiveness towards Sabohai which sometimes made him so controllable that she can’t breathe freely,” the actress said.

Sarah Khan will play a role of a young artistic girl who loves to paint. Her sensitive nature gets hurt when Zain’s possessive nature comes in between their love.

“Sabohai knows really well that Zain loves her too much and will never do anything to harm her but she can’t help it when he becomes a controlling freak. He doesn’t like her to socialize with friends and family and a time comes when he literally locks her in a room so that nobody can meet her,” the actress further added.

Sarah Khan also added that besides having a touching love story, the drama also conveys an important message.

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“The message is very clear that there is nothing bad to fall in love with someone but it doesn’t mean that it gives you rights to enforce your will upon her. In a healthy relationship, a partner should give some space to his loved ones otherwise it will be difficult for them to stay together for longer period,” Sarah Khan added.

Written by Seema Munaf of Khaali Haath fame, the drama has been directed by Asad Jabal and produced by Rafay Rashdi and Moomal Shunaid.

The shoot of the drama serial has already kicked off in Karachi and it is expected to air on Hum TV soon.

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