Ahsan Khan has become the brand ambassador of the HDF (Human Development Foundation) Kudos to Ahsan Khan. The actor has been selected as a brand ambassador of this foundation and he will be part of the group that will be Raising Funds in USA to help the people with their small businesses and also help the poor.

Looks like Ahsan really loves to help people, the actor was also a part of the CLF foundation. Speaking to us Ahsan Khan stated “I was also the brand ambassador of the CLF and these are things that keep me going forward just like we work for ourselves and make a living out of it however by my point of view if we keep helping people, we ourselves get satisfied and we can live a happy life in the future.”

He further added on “I will be representing Pakistan in a very respectful manner, I will be in Los Angeles next month for raising the fund with the HDF raising money from the unprivileged in Pakistan.”