Directed by Ahson Talish of ‘Alif Allah aur Insaan’, it has been co-produced by MD Productions and Mars Production. Iqra Aziz and Shehzad Sheikh are all set to make headlines with yet another enticing project, Tabeer. Actor turned writer Imran Ashraf has been making his debut as a drama writer through this serial.

“I have started working on this project almost three years ago. I was actually waiting for good scripts but all those roles which were offered to me during that period weren’t interesting so I started working on this script”, Says Imran Ashraf


“I can’t reveal much about the story right now. I can only tell you that it’s an emotional roller coaster and is sure to touch viewer’s heart,” he said
As far as making a career in writing, Ashraf hasn’t decided anything yet.
“I am not a writer and I don’t want to be writer – it just happened accidentally for me. So I can’t tell you whether I’ll keep writing in future or not. It is my first writing assignment and could be last too,” he added.
We also asked him if he enjoy writing more than acting.

“Acting is my passion and I thoroughly enjoy my work and as far as writing is concerned, it is the one of most difficult tasks in our showbiz field,” he further said.

“Before starting on any project I made only one deal with my actors i.e. I want their full commitments with the project so that they can create right mood for every scene”, Ahson Talish said.

“Ahson is an amazing person and it has always been a pleasure working with him. My character in Tabeer is totally different than what I have done so far. The drama is about different tough situations we encounter everyday in life and how we overcome them with our positive attitude,” said Shehzad sheikh

“Imran Ashraf has done a fabulous job as a debutant writer and has jotted down a full-on emotions script. It has been written so beautifully that tears rolled down my cheek naturally while I was reading it. I am sure my fans will enjoy watching it as much as I do while recording it,” she stated.

Tabeer will be a 26 episodes long drama serial. It is expected to air by the start of coming year. The cast also included Be Gul, Zainab Ahmed, Imran Ashraf, Ali Safina, Aamir Qureshi and Azra Mansoor.