Aima Baig has won the  Tamgha-e- Fakhre-Imtiaz award. Aima Baig had received the award at the Governor house, Lahore on Monday by Punjab Governor Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar. Aima had shared the news on her official Instagram account where she vowed to always be the pride for Pakistan.

Speaking to us Aima stated “It was 2am at the night and I was there at this Noodle bar in Santa Monica and at that time I received a call and that call was life changing for me, they had also emailed me and asked about all my personal information, I was really surprised with that call and I had no idea that I was going to be there.”

She further added on “basically it was a women empowerment event the event consisted of many people and I was the only one who received this award for the pride of Pakistan and however all the other women over there were truly amazing because of the things they have done for the society.”

“Suddenly the Governor comes with Sophie Anjum who had prepared this whole bio-data about me where they just kept admiring my work and dedication towards the industry and the experience was simply overwhelming for me, my father had also attended this event with me and this was the first ever event he attended with me.”

Aima Baig you are certainly a true inspiration for Pakistan and the citizens, Kudos to Aima Baig for this glorious win.