So guys the wait is over Today Disney Revealed the Teaser Trailer for Aladdin the live action remake of the 1992 of Robin William’s animated film. The films teaser opens up as we see the city of Agrabah from a distance just like we saw it in the film and the opening shot shows where we can see Lago’s, Jafar’s sidekick is flying in the desert.

And suddenly we see A cave which Aladdin is entering and the cave roars “Only One Shall Enter” and we see Mena Massoud as Aladdin who gets his hand on the Magic Lamp which holds the genie. We got to see Mena Massoud but the makers haven’t revealed the look of Will Smith as the genie and that’s what the fans are waiting for.


Aladdin’s magic lamp had been revealed to the public by Will Smith. Will Smith will be playing the role of the Genie in the film. The film is being directed by Guy Ritchie. Will Smith one of the most renowned actors in the Hollywood film industry has not revealed his look as the genie for the film however he had revealed the poster of the lamp on his official Instagram account where he posted “LEMME OUT!! 🧞 Can’t wait for y’all to see Me BLUE! 🙂 #aladdin.


Looks like all the Disney films will be getting some remakes, we’ll also be seeing the live action drama for the famous film Mary Poppins which stars Emily Blunt and is coming out this December, apart from this there are rumors that there might be a live action drama remake for The Lion King.