The first official trailer for the upcoming Disney film Aladdin is out. The film will be hitting the big screens on May 24 2019. Talking about Will Smith who will be playing the role of the genie in the film disappointed the fans when the makers released the first look of him. But that does not change in the trailer as well.

The trailer starts off as we see Aladdin who is played by Mena Massoud running around the city and some guards are chasing him and then the scene changes as we see Jafar convincing Aladding to go into the cave of wonders and get the magic lamp however when Aladdin gets the lamp, Will Smith’s Genie becomes Aladdin’s friend and they then embark on a journey so that Aladdin could marry the princess of Agrabah.

The best part about the film is that it has got its hands on the original music from the 1992 film which looks great. Talking about the cast Mena Massoud will be playing the role of Aladdin, Will Smith is playing the role of the genie and Naomi Scott is playing the role of Princess.

The complete film just looks like the 1992 film however the CGI are not that quite good and Will Smith’s looks is what the makers had to work on but we do not know how the film will run at the box office. It looks like a great film and yes the film will be coming out on 24th May 2019.