It’s been quite some time that we have heard any update about Fawad Khan’s role in the legendary singer Alamgir biopic, titled as Albela Rahi – but now the singer himself has given us the latest scoop on the story in his interview with ARY Digital.

Alamgir in an interview with ARY Digital told why he thought Fawad Khan is an apt choice to play his role in the film.

“Fawad khan fits in the role very well because he wanted to be a singer first. He made his band but all of sudden he rose to stardom due to his acting,” Alamgir said.

The singer further added that the Albela Rahi would give Fawad Khan a chance to live his life as a rock star once again.

“He will fit in the role very well because he knows music – and I am keeping my fingers crossed. let’s see how it turns out,” the singer added.

The film producer, Faisal Hashmi, in an earlier interview with Express Tribune also gave similar reason to cast Fawad Khan in the biopic of the legendary singer,

“We wanted to cast someone who has seen the type of success and fame that Alamgir has as it will help the actor subliminally and allow him to get into character when he is performing,” he said.

Albela Rahi is based on the life story of the biggest pop star of the country, Alamgir and will feature his struggle to stardom. The film is to be produced Faisal Hashmi under the banner of a company called Fog Catcher and is to be directed by Sultan Ghani.

Fawad Khan announced his association with the film through a tweet.

“At the film announcement of @Albela_Rahi. Excited to play the role of the legendary #Alamgir,” Fawad tweeted,” the actor tweeted.