The multifaceted actor, Ali Abbas, after playing a sweet brother and supportive husband in Ghar Titli ka Par, is now back as an egoistic man in Geo’s upcoming drama serial Mera Khuda Janay.

The promos of the drama have already been aired presenting Hira Mani has a damsel in distress who is thrown away from the house by her nasty husband, Ali Abbas. The promo also features Anum Fayyaz as the other woman in Abbas’s life.

While promo indicates that it is another female dominating tale we talked to the male lead of the drama, Ali Abbas, to get a scoop on the main plot of the story.

“The drama is all about the repercussions of hurting a male ego. It is about a man who destroys his life while satisfying his egoistic nature. He doesn’t accept his mistake and is not ready to bend down. In fact, he goes too far to maintain the dignity of his ego that he doesn’t realize that he has lost all the important relationships on the way,” the actor said.

The actor further added that the drama is not a typical love triangle.

“After watching the promo viewers many mistaken it with another love triangle but it is not like that at all. In fact, the other woman comes in the life of that man due to certain unpleasant situations,” he added.

Ali Abbas while talking about his role in the drama said that he liked to pick characters that gave him a chance to experiment with his skill every time.

“I have never restrict myself to black and white characters only, in fact, I always pick roles that are realistic and gives me margin to come out of my comfort zone. In Ghar Titli ka Par, I play a positive guy but here in Mera Khuda Janay my character gets evolved throughout the serial – initially he is shown as a positive guy but in the middle of the story it enters into a grey area where even viewers will be puzzled to decide whether to show sympathy with him or to see him getting punished for his cruel deeds,” Abbas stated.

Directed by Zeeshan Ahmed, ‘Mera Khuda Janay’ has been penned down by Samina Ejaz. The studded cast also included Hira Mani, Aly Khan and Anum Fayyaz in the pivotal roles.

The drama will air on Geo Television every Wednesday at 8pm from May 2.