Ali Haider the famous Pakistani artists  known for his famous Purani Jeans is back once again with another single track “Koi Milta Hi Nahi” a few months back Ali Haider made his comeback to the music industry with the track ‘Yaar-e-Man’ the track was loved by many people and Ali Haider is now going to drop another single track.

Koi Milta Hi Nahi is a composition by Indian artist Pritapul Singh, we asked Ali Haider about his upcoming song and he told us “This song has a deep poetry and the lyrics of the song are very touching ‘koi milta hi nahi, jo hai milne jaisa, kya koi hai hi nahi apne jaisa’ basically it’s a ghazal but Guitarist Faraz Anwar has given the song another vibe and I got the chance to collaborate with him while he was here is United States, I recorded the complete song with him.”

He further added on “The song has been produced by two producers Shammal and Adnan Khoja and rockstar Zain has directed the music video.” Talking about the music video he said “The shooting of the music has been completed and its being edited at the time, we are planning to release it in mid- February and you guys will be able to see it everywhere on social media.”

Looks like Ali Haider will once again revive the music industry in Pakistan.