Lal Kabootar

Ali Kazmi on Lal Kabootar ‘Get ready to fly’

Films are a medium of telling stories. Of course, there are some which are just meant for the sole purpose of entertainment, but the ones that stay close to our hearts for a long time are the films that mean something to us.

The much talked about project ‘Lal Kabootar’ is back in the news as one of the lead members of the film ‘Ali Kazmi’ finally spoke about his character.

Just when Kazmi’s career gathered momentum, he made the decision to move halfway across the world. But nothing stopped the talented actor as he continued to carve his niche by giving us superb performances one after another.

During the course of this interview with Celebdhaba Ali Kazmi said:

It’s a thriller based in Karachi. The audience will witness Karachi in a totally new perspective. I play a journalist, my character is very intense and clever, it has a lot of realism to it. He is fun loving, doesn’t likes to discuss work. He loves his wife more than life itself. ‘Lal Kabootar’ would truly be loved by the audience.

Apart from Ali, the cast includes Mansha Pasha, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Saleem Mairaj and Rashid Faroqui. It is directed by Kamal Khan and produced by Kamil and Haniya.

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