Ali Saleem

Ali Saleem grab eyeballs as he gets arrested for liquor possession

Being a celebrity means that you are always in the limelight. Escaping from fans, cameras and paparazzi can be quite hard.

It is definitely not all rainbows and butterflies. When they make a mistake, the whole world gets to know and judge!

Pakistani TV Industry is growing rapidly but it’s going towards decline as per Islamic perspective. These liberal actors, actress and other staff smoke and drink alcohol openly. Over the past years we have seen many scandals arising from the Pakistani industry.

The latest to join the liquor bandwagon is Pakistani TV host and artist Ali Saleem popularly known as (Begum Nawazish Ali) has been arrested from a guest house in Karachi’s Clifton area due to liquor possession.

According to details, police officers raided the house and recovered alcohol and also detained the artist in an intoxicated state.

The artist was being accused of a heavy dose of Alcohol consumption.

Ali Saleem

Liquor bottles were also recovered at the bungalow.

Ali Saleem

A case has also been registered against him.

Ali Saleem

Our very own Meera jee was also present at that time and claimed that they were shooting for a film, therefore certain props are required as per the script.

However Saleem was later granted bail over surety bond worth Rs.10,000/-

Ali Saleem

It’s true that most people in Pakistan don’t drink because they are Muslim. Nobody abstains from drinking because it’s prohibited by law.