Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ushna shah & Imran Ashraf are starring in Upcoming drama serial ‘Lashkara’ directed by Kashif Nisar, which is soon to air on ARY Digital has a great storyline that all women will relate to it.

Lashkara’s storyline revolves around the trajectory and different phases of once happy-go-lucky Bubli’s (Ushna Shah) complex life, rife with sharp-turning struggles that transform her from a simple inner-city girl into an irrefutably strong and independent woman. Ushna’s authentic transmogrification will undoubtedly resonate with all women who face similar daily challenges to stand up for their rights, honour and happiness against all the odds that society hurls at them. In contrast and as a foil, Mohsin Abbas’s character is that of the quintessential mama’s boy.

This nuanced ability to palpably grow as a character onscreen and capture the heartstrings of her audience and fans is one of Ushna Shah’s rare gifts as an actor which was witnessed with the stark transformation of her viral character Rani who transitioned into the altogether different persona of Reena Begum in ‘Alif Allah Aur Insaan’; a talent which has definitely raised the bar and expectations of Ushna’s fans who are eagerly awaiting for her to mesmerize in yet another avatar in Lashkara.

Renowned for her other groundbreaking character in the super-hit drama serial ‘Bashar Momin’, Ushna has consistently been particular about the type of roles and plot-lines she accepts, which invariably end up dealing with daring social messages or taboos which other actors may eschew,

and which she indubitably does justice to with her chameleonic ability to delve deep into the soul of each of her chosen characters. For Ushna, impactful characters and storylines that resonate and make a difference in the lives of her audience is what energizes and buoys her rather than the numbers game.

Co-starring Saba Hameed, Saba Faisal. Noor ul Hassan, Imran Ashraf and Amna Ilyas, the-sure-to-be riveting ‘Lashkara’ will begin airing on ARY Digital soon.