Another internet love story came true after a 41 year old US national woman arrived in Pakistan to marry the guy she fell in love with. Helena aged 41 reached Sialkot on Wednesday to marry 21 year old Kashif.  Helena had decided to marry Kashif after she fell in love with him through social media, reported by a local newspaper.

According to reports from multiple sources it has also been said that Helena has agreed to embrace Islam after tying the knot to Kashif. Kashif the groom-to-be has informed that all the preparations for the wedding ceremony have been completed and two would be exchanging vows very soon. Kashif also stated that all his relatives and his parents have agreed to this wedding and are very happy with the decisions they have made.

This is not the first incident that has taken place among the years however these are very rare scenes, Women from Canada and USA have travelled to Pakistan to marry their lovers who they met on social media. In April a woman from India travelled to Pakistan on Besakhi  festival after that she married a Pakistani man and had embraced Islam.

The girl who was named Kiran Bala changed her name Amna Bibi after embracing Islam, she tied the knot with a man named Azam who was a resident of Hanjarwal Lahore and said that she did not want to return to India anymore the woman also received threats where she could lose her life but she chose love above all, she also requested the authorities to extend her visa so that she could stay in Pakistan after all the legal paperwork would be done.