As we all know Iran and USA are currently having bad condition with each other right now but our celebrities are fighting each other on social media. This time once again Mehwish Hayat and Dr.Amir Liaqauat Hussain have gotten into a twitter fight.

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz winner Mehwish Hayat being a part of the International peace, she tried to spread a message of peace by criticizing the US president Donald Trump on the assassination of Iran’s general. Well Mehwish Hayat does Donald Trump know you exist?

Hayat tweeted “Can’t believe that just 72 hours into 2020 & the world is already teetering on the edge of war. I guess this is wht happens when the “leader of the free world”takes unilateral decisions without regard for international laws. This isn’t just abt Iran &USA.God protect us #Soleimani.”

In reply to that Amir Liaqauat Hussain tweeted “مغہ امتیاز کا مطلب یہ نہیں ہے کہ آئٹم گرل امتیازی بیانات دیں، اُنہیں پاکستان کی پالیسی کے ساتھ چلنا چاہئیے اور ویسے بھی قاسم سلیمانی اگر حیات ہوتے تو کیا ایران میں انہیں پرفارم کرنے بلاتے؟.”

Well guys these fights are completely useless spread a message of peace if you want to.