Model Amna Baber has tied the knot with Zahid Noon this Sunday afternoon and after looking at their wedding reception pictures the couple looks great together.

Amna Baber told us that her wedding was off the charts she said “The wedding consisted of people from our family, we did not invite any of our friends and I always wanted to get married in a private wedding ceremony.”

She further added on “I’ve seen many weddings on social media and I really believe in Nazar, apart from that I wanted something small, because in the end big wedding are a waste of money for me, I’m not blaming anyone, I just feel that way.”

Amna shared her pictures from the wedding on her official Instagram account. Talking about her wardrobe she said “my in laws gave me the wedding dress and it’s Elan.”

We asked her if there any more events on which Amna said “the main event was the Nikkah and then the Rukhsati, the Nikkah took place at my house and soon after that the rukhsati took place and that was it.”

The couple left for London soon after their wedding  “we left for London right after, and yes that’s my wedding for everyone,” Amna said.