Model and actress Amna Ilyas shares her experience as being part of an upcoming movie “7 Din Mohabbat in”.
Celebdhaba got in touch with Amna, She tells us about her character in the movie as “Ghazala”, who is a heart broken girl and doesn’t depend on or trusts any of the men in the society just because of her past bad experience with a guy.

Her role isn’t a Feminist one, but yet relatable to that, as she wants to do everything on her own without interference of anyone. She adds up by telling us more why she chosed to be a part of the movie with such a challenging character, as everyone else likes to do “Girlish” character with all the charms of being a girl, but she preferred this character as it was different from others. The directer himself approached her for this character, as he thought she is gonna play this character perfectly.
Moreover, she shares her amazing experience with the team of the movie. She says that Mahira, Shehryar and everyone else over there turned out to be really helpful throughout the shoots. She never felt like being bored, rather enjoyed being there. She told us that there is a lot of “Masala” in the movie that can’t be shared right now, so we all have to wait for the movie to be released.
At the end she tells us about her other upcoming and ongoing projects.

She is also a part of the upcoming movie “Ready Steady No”.
We wish her all the very best for her movie, and are waiting for it’s successful release this Eid.