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Rising star Wahaj Ali is prominent actor of Pakistan television industry. He has done many branded shoots and modeling with many Fashion designers because of his Good looks.

We just got in touch with Wahaj & Ramsha about their new serial Mahetamam.

“This is novel, written by Amna Riaz which is being dramatized and directed by Syed Ahmad Kamran under the banner of MD Productions which will be on air on Hum Tv Inshallah. I cannot say if it’s a love story because it’s a different kind of story. As far the character and story is concerned, this novel from Amna Riaz is quite famous among the masses. People already know a lot about its story and its characters. We realized about this thing when we started posting the pictures on instagram and facebook because we received a huge amount of positive feedback from the audience about it’s characters and story, they were so much excited. I have never done such type of character in my career before because it’s not a cry baby or lovey dovey sad type character. It’s a special energetic character who wants to be an actor so it’s about the struggle, hurdles and his love story. Ramsha is playing the character of Shifa in this play. So we tried to portray the chemistry of Taqi and Shifa very well as it is written in the novel so let’s hope it comes out as expected, Let’s hope for the best. But I’m very happy and very excited as we worked very hard and we pray that expectations of our viewers be fulfilled as they are expecting a lot from it” Says Wahaj Ali

“My character is “Shifa”. Shifa is a quirky, bubbly and immature college going girl. She’s like a “miss know it all” but infact she doesn’t know about anything so it’s kind of an innocent character who pretend to be mature. But due to some incidents in the story and with the time she gets mature and becomes more serious in the progress of the story so you have to watch the drama to see how it all happens to her. It’ll be on air on the 31st of December on Hum TV replacing “Tumhari Maryam” which is also my another serial so I call this “the Ramsha Khan” slot because when “Tumhari Maryam” ends and “ Maah e Tamam” and I will still be there. There are basically two tracks in the serial. One is the character of “Taqi”. Taqi is a struggling actor but his dad doesn’t support him in that. He sneaks to the shoots and then he also has a girlfriend “Mehak”. Then the story progresses and shows how he helps a girl because of an accident so it’s really an amazing character and I so much liked that character that I asked the writer to make the character of Taqi as a girl and give that to me. As far my character is concerned, Imad Irfani is playing the character of my elder brother “Umair bhai” who is around 8,9 years elder than me and he has brought me up since the childhood like a father. He falls in love and brings home a bhabi but I’m insecure that my bhabi will steal my brother from me, Naveen is playing the character of my bhabi who eventually becomes negative after an incident and I turn to being a mature girl.

Mah e Tamam Story Summary The experience was spectacular. I really loved it. This is my third drama but the best of all. These guys are so good. The director is so disciplined. He’s not doing anything apart from work and focuses on the work only. I learnt a lot from everyone. We became so good friends that I became so emotional after the pack-up that I’m not going to see these guys for anytime sooner now. I am expecting a lot from this serial as I have put my heart, soul and blood into this serial. Like I said my character is very versatile and it had different shades in it so I had to work really very hard and I had to get out of my comfort zone to fit into the character so I’m just hoping for the best. Right now I’m just taking a break because I have been working nontop since a year because I don’t want to be overexposed. I am literally very careful about the scripts. I have been saying “No” to a lot of things lately but if I come across something really good then I’ll definitely do it” Says Ramsha

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