Croron Mein Khel

The Queen of hearts ‘Nadia Khan’ is all set to host a TV game show “Croron Mein Khel”

The show will air on BOL entertainment, every Thursday and Friday.

Owing to television’s wide reach, it comes as no surprise that Nadia Khan enjoys a huge popularity among the masses.

Back in the day, game shows were about turning the ordinary up by just a few notches and giving viewers a fantasy they could escape into.  Game shows have been quite a popular theme amongst the masses as they have a practice of welcoming the crowds.

Croron Mein Khel

People really connect to game shows, not because it leaves them nostalgic for a simpler time, but it’s an easier kind of television.  The best feeling in the world is to win and that too by showcasing your intelligence. That’s what the audience really wants to see, everyone coming out a winner.  

Speaking exclusively to Celebdhaba Nadia shared exclusives details about the show:

“Croron Mein Khel’ is not a rip of Kaun Banega Crorepati. I like the question and answer format. People would have to make an effort before appearing on the show. They can visit BOL’s website and app for the preparation. We will have a selection process for the candidates. The questions will be related to general knowledge, Pakistan and international sector.

I will just make sure the show has a lot of fun and people would win big. We would be giving out prizes instead of cash rewards. I would also get an opportunity to interact with people one on one. It would be great to host such kind of a show along with chit chat along in my fun and bubbly style.

How to participate in croron mein khel Croron Mein Khel will initially start off with shows, featuring celebrities and later on with common public

We have been preparing for it since a couple of months, I am humbled and honored that BOL wanted me to be on board and there I am with something new and exciting”