Marvel has just released its latest trailer for the new action film Ant Man and the Wasp. Paul rudd who is playing Scott lang also known as Ant Man and Evangeline lily who is playing as Hope Van Dyne also known as Wasp. This is the second installment in Marvels Ant Man franchise the first part hit the big screens in 2015. The trailer doesn’t show many superheroes just like in Avengers Infinity War or black Panther but when you watch the movie you will surely get to tknow why Ant Man and the Wasp don’t need any partners.

We can see that the film starts all over again from the part in Captain America Civil War when Ant man Calls the Wasp for help in the fight taking place at Leipzig airport. Wasp replies to her “ you never know” they both most probably join Captain Americas alliance. At that stage the Wasp enters the marvel franchise and then Marvel comes up with a film.

The trailer shows us that Ant man and the Wasp join hands against a villain. The trailer has some sweet action scenes.

We can also see Michael douglas who is paying as Hank pym the mastermind behing the shrinking technology. There’s also Michael Pena who acts as Ant Mans former cellma Luis and also his crew member too.

Ant Man and the Wasp is all set in events post Captain America: Civil War. Lang has to be the superhero while also balancing his responsibilities and then he gets a mission which would be the key to all his dark secrets. He ventures on a new adventure where he joins hand Van Dyne who is also The wasp.

The first trailer had a very great impact on the audience and the we hope that the film will also hit the big screens with a bang. Ant man and the Wasp is all set for release On July 6 2018.