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Apple announces the release date for iOS 12

Apple has made a strong position in the technology world. Apple became the biggest expensive mobiles manufacturer and still getting high towards success. According to Apple’s Phil Schiller, iOS 12 will be available for download starting September 17. Of course, some brave souls have already been playing around with the public beta, but we’re talking about the official real deal. The fully baked product.

Now, should you go ahead and download it immediately? Maybe. But no one would blame you for waiting a week or so. After all, there’s no shame in letting everyone else be the iOS guinea pigs if you do download it now, what fun stuff will you be able to play with “iOS shortcuts” for one. They allow you to set up a chain of reactions that are engaged with a Siri command.

Wednesday’s event was pretty slim on iOS details. Want to know more? You can read all about iOS 12 from our coverage of the public beta.

It’s clear Tim Cook and his fellow presenters were more concerned about the new iPhones than the operating system they’ll be running — making the iOS 12 news feel like an afterthought.

Which, well, is maybe all the info you need when it comes to deciding whether or not to download it on day one.