DC’s latest film Aquaman is breaking records at the box office even before its release in USA , the James Wan directorial released in India and China before releasing in USA and the film has passed the 260 million dollar mark.

The film has already become a hit in the box office with audiences and is getting some great reviews from the critics, the film has a 70% score on Rotten tomatoes with an overall review ““Aquaman swims with its entertainingly ludicrous tide, offering up CGI superhero spectacle that delivers energetic action with an emphasis on good old-fashioned fun.”

Aquaman brings back the superhero who is half human and half atlantic king. Aquaman gets into a conflict with his brother King Orm, who wants to wage a war against the people who are polluting the oceans. The Movie also stars Amber Heard,Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and NicoleKidman.

It is expected that the film will break records, including Justice League, Wonder Woman and it is being said that the film will also break the record of Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Aquaman is the first film in the DC universe after the Justice League film. Warner Bros is expected a lot from this James Wan directorial to revive some faith of the audience in the DC franchise.  James Wan is mostly known for his horror film directorial the Conjuring and the Conjuring universe is one of the most horror franchises in the box office at the moment.

Aquaman will be releasing in the USA on 21st December and people are really waiting for its release, the main part is yet to be seen that will the DC film once again break records in the USA. Well looks like James Wan has executed this project very well.