The makers of Aquaman have just released the official trailer of the movie and boy oh boy it looks intresting. A DC standalone film after the justice league looks mesmerizing. The trailer opens to us as we see a boy who can control the fish and controls a shark in the clip. Then as the biy grow us he dicovers the truths in his life. He visits Atlantis and he also challenges his brother for the throne of Atlantis the movie will be full of action packed scene.


Aquaman will be the first film in the DC universe after the Justice League film. Warner Bros is expecting a lot from this James Wan directorial to revive some faith of the audience in the DC franchise.  James Wan is mostly known for his horror film directorial the Conjuring and the Conjuring universe is one of the most horror franchises in the box office at the moment. This will be the first superhero film directed by James Wan and Warner bros and DC are expecting a lot from this film.

Jason Momoa will be playing the role of AquaMan. Everyone had loved the role of Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Justice League, Jason Momoa had made the character look badass.  Jason Momoa will be playing the role of the underwater king and will be facing the Ocean Master as the villain in the film.

Patrick Wilson will be playing the role of the Ocean Master in the film and he has the role of the villain in the film. He is the ruler of Atlantis and a half-brother to Aquaman. He will apparently declare war on the surface world due to the pollution by the land’s inhabitants who have ruined the oceans. Amber Heard as Mera, Nicole Kidman will be playing the role of Queen of Atlanta and William Dafoe will be playing the role of Nuidis Vulko.

Since Aquaman is set in a fantasy-like underwater fictional kingdom, it gives a great opportunity for art designers and visual effect supervisors to develop some fantastic and creative visuals. The stills available online for the movie look very interesting and it looks like the film is really gonna do good at the big screens.  AquaMan will be releasing this year on 21 December 2018.