Qadam Qadam Ishq’

Qadam Qadam Ishq: Areeba and Azfar to give audiences a different taste

Qadam Qadam Ishq Story line It’s amazing to see how actors today don’t shy away from portraying more real roles; characters that require more than just a dazzle of glamour. As for the actresses, gone were the days when they were simply glamorous accessories to a project that otherwise belonged to the hero.

Qadam Qadam Ishq : Actors ‘Azfar Rehman’ and ‘Areeba Habib’ are all set to amaze the audiences with their choice of diversified roles in upcoming drama serial ‘Qadam Qadam Ishq’

Speaking to Celebdhaba about her role Areeba said:  I am ready to surprise my fans by essaying the role of a shy and conservative girl. The experience is quite different and I enjoyed doing it. The name of my character is Chand she is very kind, naïve, polite and has deep respects for her elders. 

Qadam Qadam Ishq’

Her parents passed away when she was very young therefore she is brought up by her brother (Ali Khan) and sister in law (Maira Khan). She is the youngest in the family therefore loved by all.

Qadam Qadam Ishq’

The actress also said that: We all go through different phases in life. She is wooed by Raheel (Azfar Rehman) who play a college rowdy and uses aggression as the only way to deal with people. He comes across Chand and falls crazily in love with her due to her simplicity and innocence. I am also liked by another character ‘Sikandar’ who lives in my neighborhood, so the story unfolds in such manner. I am really excited and looking forward to QQI.

Qadam Qadam Ishq’

Excited about his character Azfar Rehman said: I was instantly impressed with the script of QQI. This is something which I haven’t played on screen before. Raheel is obnoxious with bizarre plans to achieve her one-sided love at any cost. He belongs to a rich family background and thinks in a certain way.

At times he is problematic, moody and emotional to the extent of self destruction. The plot revolves around my psychopath character which will indeed make for a pretty thrilling watch.

QQI is directed and produced by Kashif Saleem. It is written by Adeel Hafeez. It is scheduled to be on air in January 2019.

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