The trailer the film Terminator Dark Fate  starring Arnold Schwarzenegger came out a month ago, and the movie looks astonishing. The terminator franchise has been ignoring every film after Terminator 2: Judgement day and they have crafted Terminator: Dark Fate following the events from Terminator 2.

Arnold  Schwarzenegger shared some details about the film saying “ I just tell them, ‘It’s another Terminator movie with a totally different story and it has Jim Cameron’s fingerprints all over it. Also, Linda Hamilton’s. So, it’s kind of like going back to the old days of Terminator. And it has more action in it than any of the other Terminators have ever had. More unique action. And the visual effects are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

Tim Miller the deadpool director will be helming the project, Linda Hamilton will be playing the role of Sarah Connor basically she will be reprising her role. Gabriel Luna will be playing the role of the Villain who is like Venom who can turn into liquid and can shapeshift, and whereas Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as T-800 and he will be playing a positive role in the film just like in Terminator 2.

The leads are Mackenzie Davis as Grace a soldier who is sent back in the past to protect a young woman who is the new target of Skynet and Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes).. Terminator: Dark Fate will be coming out on November 1.