Arts Council’s first production “Nach Na Janay” in collaboration with KopyKats Production. With the legendary writer Anwar Maqsood onboard the prequel of “Angan Terha” famous play of 1983, “Nach Na Janay” directed by Dawar Mahmood will remain in the theatre till Ramadan.

” I wrote this play with a broken heart and tried to present the dilemma faced by artistic community of 80’s. He was thankful to the President of Arts Council of Pakistan Muhammad Ahmed Shah to revive the standardized theatre in Arts Council and introduced new faces to the showbiz industry. Maqsood further added, “Dawar has done an excellent job by actually perceiving what I wanted to show to the audience, this is the 8th play which I have written for him and he has proven again that he is the best”. Says Anwar Maqsood

Yasir Hussain is back to the stage after 7 years playing the character of Akbar, the servant of Mahmood Sahab and Begum Jehan Ara; characters performed by Abdullah Farhat and Sara Bhatti respectively. Anwar Maqsood said that all the income earned by this play will be given to the old artists of Radio Pakistan & PTV who are in dire financial crises these days. The duration of “Nach Na Janay” was 90 minutes which were full of laughter and heartbreaking situations.

The audience was touched by Yasir Hussain’s performance and his spontaneous dialogue delivery. “Nach Na Janay” is based on the destitute circumstances of artists in 80’s era when music and dance was banned in the country. They were scuffed to death and nobody was giving them employment on the basis that they were “dancers & musicians”; a profession which is forbidden in the religion. The theatre-drama portrayed the family routine of Mahboob Sahab and Begum JehanAra where Akbar is a servant but call himself as a family member.

With no children in the house, Akbar is the radiant soul there who does not want any guests and family relatives to stay. If guests and family relatives arrive to the house he start telling them the expenditure and budget of the household which brings shame and anger to Mr. Mahboob but mostly his wife Begum Jehan ara. Though all of this is demonstrated in the most hilarious way one can ever imagine.