Pakistan premium television channel, ARY Digital, has recently announced one of its kind awards on social media to acknowledge artists who have outclassed others in the drama industry with their mind-blowing performances – but when we tried to register our vote for our favorite star at ARY Digital Social Media Drama Awards, we haven’t find the system as transparent as it promises to be.

So what is exactly wrong with the voting system?

When it comes to voting, no fixed guidelines have been given that needs to be followed while selecting the best of the best. Apparently, the process looks really smooth and transparent as to cast your vote for your favorite actor, an internet user has to access a particular URL,, here they can cast their vote by options given in different categories including Best Drama 2017, Best Drama Actor(Male), Best Drama Actor(Female) etc.


To register your vote, one has to simply press the button given at the bottom of each option. Usually, in an unbiased and fair voting process, a person with a unique id is allowed to cast their vote just once but in the case of ARY Digital Social Media Drama Awards the same is not happening.

There is something wrong with the voting system that can create hindrance in making a fair judgment. Let me quickly give you an overview why we are calling the system flawed.

If a user cleared its browser history cache date, they can cast their vote multiple times – thus enabling many paid users to exploit the voting process to earn their vested interest.

With this major flaw in the voting system, we strongly think that it would be hard for deserving candidate to win.

Do you agree that with this major flaw in the voting system it would be hard to make a fair judgment? Well, tell us in comments what do you think about transparency of the voting system.