Rumors have it that Asim Mehmood will be starring in Tv ones latets drama serial Tu Jo Nahi. The drama is being Helmed by Ashgar Mirza and the script has been written by Jahanzaib Qamar. The drama is being produced by Gold bridge Media.

Basically the story revolves around two brothers and their first cousin, Daniyal raheel is playing as Asim Mehmood big brother and Sehar Afzal will be playing as the First cousin of both the actors. Asim mehmood is playing as the young boy who is very sensitive and has feelings for her cousin Sehar Afzal however in the drama Asim Mehmood is disabled by his legs thus creating a lot of problems for him.  Forming a love triangle in the drama both brothers may face problems with each other while getting their loved one.

 We asked asim about his upcoming drama so this what he had to say “ im really excited about my new drama Tu jo nahi, im really looking forward to this drama, because it has a great story and the cast is also really good, im hoping that this drama will do great, this Is all the information I could you guys and lets keep things as surprises, rest of the job will be done by the television channel which will start the publicity in some days, lets keep things as a secret till then, I hope you guys will enjoy this drama when its comes to your television screens.” This is what the actor had to say about his upcoming drama.

The cast of this drama includes Asim Mehmood, Daniyal Raheel, Sehar Afzal, Nataliya, Azhra Moeluddin and Naeem Tahir. So guys this is all we have about this drama.