It was such a sad news for those who has seen his dramas and indeed he was a great artist, Veteran writer, comedian, actor and poet Athar Shah Khan Known as Jaidi passed away on this Sunday. As per reports, who had been dealing with a prolonged illness suffered a stroke.

Athar Shah Khan, who was commonly known as ‘Jaidi’, was a great source of entertainment during the rule of dictator General Ziaul Haq in Pakistan in the late 70s and 80s. His satirical comedy provided much needed relief to people who were living with strict media restrictions with curbs entertainment industry including films. There were no private television channels those days and the only source of entertainment was Pakistan Television (PTV) or the Radio Pakistan. Jaidi entertained the audience on both mediums.

Athar Shah Khan’s most memorable role as ‘Jaidi’ in ‘Hey Jaidi’ and his play ‘Intizar Farmaiyay’ (Please Wait) on PTV made him a household name in the country. “I created the character ‘Jaidi’ more than three decades ago and people still call me Jaidi. I enjoy it,” Shah said in a recent interview. On screen, Jaidi was a childish and innocent character who exposes society’s ills through his follies and inability to lie or act ‘smart’.