Did you know Atta ullah esakhelivi’s younger daughter ‘Laraib atta’ did visual effects for Tom cruise’s film  Mission Impossible : Fallout ?

Yes, Its really an honor for all Pakistanis that our legendary singer Attaullah esakhelivi’s younger daughter Laraib atta did visual effect for Hollywood film Mission Impossible Fall out.

In Interview to BBC Asian network, she shared some exclusive scoop:

Hi my name is Laraib atta and I’m a visual effects artist and i have worked for some of the Big Hollywood films including mission impossible fallout.  Laraib atta is the youngest Pakistani VFX artist her first Hollywood movie released when she was 19, before i started the course i had no idea, what VFX is? It’s just i knew this is magic for film that’s all i knew. The first time i watched the story that really inspired me, i was like wow how is this done ? and i didn’t know back then i was going to get into visual effects but it was in me all this time that something related to art  and technology i wanted to do.

My parents didn’t even what i was getting into, they supported absolutely supported when i spoke to father, my mother, they were like absolutely you have all the choice in the world. Whatever you wanted to do whatever career you want to pursue you can definitely go for it. Says Laraib

Laraib hopes to inspire other young Pakistanis woman too

Back then when i started i was the only girl in the course and the youngest of course  the only Pakistani so yeah, i didn’t see a lot of Pakistani’s. There are some women i have start to see now, more women coming into this industry but still it’s like 70-80% men.

The goal is to get more women, young people into this and more Pakistanis.