The result of 3rd T20 comes out exactly as predicted. Pakistan again went out their clueless, devoid of any positive body language or game plan. You can’t afford to play like this against the mighty Aussies.

Babar Azam faces the toughest task of leading the team against Australia.

A sudden jolt that shook everything after home series defeat against Sri Lanka dislodging Sarfraz and Mickey Arthur couldn’t make any difference in spite of installing Misbah as a commander with dual roles.

Iftikhar showed some resilience in batting against the Aussie attack.

In the third T20, Australia literally overpowered Pakistan and thrashed the green shirts convincingly by ten wickets. Pakistan managed to set a mediocre target of 106 that was not enough to satiate Aussie hunger. Skipper Aaron Finch and David Warner consumed these runs with 49 balls to spare. Only Iftikhar and Babar showed some resilience in the batting line up. Still clinging to the top position in T20, Pakistan may slide down quickly if they could not hold their ground. Back to back series defeats turn out to be disappointing for Paki cricket fans that make a way for more criticism and raging pressure on the new management.

Australian skipper Aaron Finch said “the way we’ve applied ourselves over the last couple of weeks has been really impressive. We’re improving as a team, and that’s the most important thing.”

What’s coming up next for Pakistan in the test series is a bigger challenge. Playing in Australia demands fitness and mental strength. To salvage this series and avoid further defeats, Pakistan needs to device an emergency strategy within the available resources and lift the team’s morale. Comparing the two teams, one can easily mention or even predict the outcome of upcoming games but Pakistan is a team that’s capable of surprising Australia. The only thing that’s required is to motivate the boys and instill them to play attacking and positive cricket. Once you show your fears against Australia, then it’s the end. Playing against Australia, then play like them, that’s the key.