The russos planned on keeping the title for the avengers behind the curtains, and even the cast has no idea what the title of the movie would be. Well that’s the best part about it, before this we got to know that no one inside the cast knows about the ending of the film and directors Joe and Anthony Russo haven’t come up with an ending.

Well that’s not it the film’s title hasn’t been decided uptil now, there is great curiosity amongst all the fans to what the title of the film will be.  The cast had recently shared their pictures on set where they were seen re-shooting for the fourth avengers film. Fans on Reddit came up with a new theory that the upcoming film will be named as Avengers: Eternity War. The third part was named as Infinity War because Thanos had to grab all those infinity stones for his gauntlet to take over the world.

There were rumors that the fourth part would be named as End Game as we recall Doctor Strange saying that word to Tony Stark in Infinity War however the directors cleared all the confusions after saying that this name was not even close to the title.

The last fight with Thanos in the Marvel comic book universe was named as Avengers: Forever and that director’s revealed that this is the closest the fans could get to the name of the film. Talking about the name Eternity War it looks like that could be the name as Eternity is a synonym to the word Forever and yes maybe all the characters who died in Infinity War will come back so that is one big reason the film could be named as Avengers: Eternity War.  It will be having a time travelling plot because when Thanos uses the time stone he turns back time going back in the past, while knowing everything so we think Eternity War is going to be the perfect name.