Avengers 4 has finished productions and the Russo brothers have confirmed the news, the Avengers were going through re-shoots and the they decided the whole ending for the film in the last few weeks.  However Avengers 4 was shot side by side Avengers: Infinity War.

There were rumors that the fourth part would be named as End Game as we recall Doctor Strange saying that word to Tony Stark in Infinity War however the directors cleared all the confusions after saying that this name was not even close to the title

The Russo brothers posted a mysterious picture on their Instagram account with the caption “wrapped” the Russos have been teasing about the title of Avengers 4 however it is still not revealed to the public. However they posted mysterious images all this time. Recently the Russos posted a picture which shows a white and light blue object and that looks like the Tesseract, an ancient artifact that kept the Space Stone safe from wrong hands. However Thanos crushed the Tesseract and took the Space Stone.

Well looks like the directors have hinted a time travel, Infinity War showed us how Black Panther and Spider Man died in the film, and the sets teased us with the Avengers wearing their old costumes the ones we saw in Avengers 1, the battle in New York, that is how the tesseract will work with the film.

Well we cant say anything about the time travel as Thanos still possesses the Time Stone, as Doctor Strange who kept it died, well Captain Marvel will also be arriving in the film as well as we saw Samuel L Jackson calling her up for help maybe she would bring up an ultimate solution.