Avengers 4, which will summarize up the massive Thanos storyline that began with 2008 Iron Man, Avengers 4 has been going through reshoots these past few months. Many actors have been posting updates about the reshoots on their social media accounts. Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, had said in July that it is good, “having already shot the majority of the movie.”

However Mark Ruffalo also said that the ending has still not been decided yet “I don’t even know that the Russos really know exactly. Some of it is happening while we’re there. It’s pretty amazing. And we’ll shoot some stuff and a few days later come back and reshoot it ’cause we wanna take it in another direction. It (the film) is a very living organism; even as we approach it being a locked picture, we’re still working on it.”

This is interesting, since we get to know that the ending of the film is being kept under wraps even from the cast. Many cast members have confirmed that they are participating in the reshoots.


The actors who we know for sure will be in the movie, Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow posted photos on their Instagram, marking their presence as Tony Stark, Iron Mana and Pepper Potts. Mark Ruffalo has also made it clear in The Marvelists interview. Jeremy Renner, who was absent in Infinity War, will return as Hawkeye. Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Rudd have also been, reportedly, spotted on the set of the film.

Avengers: Infinity War, released early this year on April 27, it was the biggest superhero film of the year. According to the comic books there are many theories as to what may happen in Avengers 4.  Avengers 4 is set for a May 3 release, will this be the last fight with Thanos?