The final trailer for Avengers: Endgame is out and it has been confirmed that Tony Stark will be returning to earth from the spaceship where he does not have access to food or to oxygen. The trailer starts off as we see Tony Stark landed in a desert and Pepper Pott who is trying to contact Tony Stark.

Tony Stark talks about how he fought out of the cave in the 2008 film Iron man where he was captured by some rebels. The trailer has many shots from the previous films like we also see Chris Evans from Captain America: The first avenger who is seen at the time of world war 2 and he becomes Avenger when the scientists turn him into an avenger.  Thor is also seen with his father from the previous Thor films.

The trailer does not show us Thanos and Captain Marvel but yes , it shows us that the world has changed a lot after Thanos snapped his fingers, the avengers lost their friends and now they will be avenging the deaths of their friends, but we do not know who is going to be the villain, as Thanos has neither been shown in the first trailer nor he has been shown in the final trailer of Endgame.

In the end of the trailer we see the Avengers teaming up together and they are dressed in white suits and walking towards some place, where are they going? That will only be answered when the movie comes out.

Avengers: End Game will be coming out on April 26 2019.