As we saw in the Avengers: Endgame trailer Tony Star was stuck in a spaceship somewhere and Tony Stark is about to die, we also see a clip of his helmet that has been completely damaged. Tony is trying to send his messages to Pepper Potts saying “Part of the journey is the end,” he is hoping that maybe the messages get delivered to Pepper and he add on “Food and water ran out four days ago. Oxygen will run out tomorrow morning. And that’d be it.”

However now Robert Downey Jr. has confirmed that Tony Stark will be back to earth and will be fighting Thanos in the last battle, we dont know who’s going to save him will it be Nebula or he will be saved by his own superpowers well we’re only going to find out about that when we watch the film.

Well this has been confirmed as we saw Robert Downey Jr. talking to Audi USA channel on youtube and he said that he would be driving the new Audi E-tron GT concept car in the Avengers: Endgame.

The last time we saw Tony Stark on Thanos planet Titan Thanos had wiped almost every single superhero and  he also killed Spider Man and looks like that hurt Iron Man a lot. The Marvel Logo appears and it disappears like ashes just like Thanos had wiped everyone.  In the trailer we also see Thanos Armour hanging like a scarecrow and Thanos is walking with the gauntlet and it look slike he has taken over wakanda.

We see all the avengers who are worried and they know that they lost against Thanos and he succeeded in ending half of the universe. Avengers: Endgame will see the rest of the Avengers teaming up against Thanos and find ways to bring back their ‘dead friends. Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, whose movie will hit theaters a couple of months before Avengers 4, joins the fight against the Mad Titan. Asgardians like Valkyrie and characters like Korg who did not appear in Infinity War are also set to make an appearance.

Avengers End Game will be hitting the theatres on April 26,2019.


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